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Firearm muzzle attachment apparatus
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a firearm comprising a barrel having a distal structure;
wherein said distal structure comprises:
a body extending along a longitudinal axis, said body having a proximal end and a distal end;
an axial slot formed into said body;
a socket extending angularly from said axial slot; and,
an annular groove intersecting said axial slot;
an attachment comprising:
a back cap;
a compression nut threaded upon said back cap;
wherein said compression nut comprises a radially inwardly extending primary lug;
wherein said back cap comprises a radially inwardly extending secondary lug;
wherein said primary lug and said secondary lug can simultaneously move axially within said axial slot; and,
wherein said secondary lug can move angularly within said annular groove while said primary lug is retained stationary within said socket.