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1. A jet engine that is capable of providing thrust to an aircraft by accelerating atmospheric air through a conduit comprising:
an axial compressor (16) connected by a transmission box with a high rotational speed shaft (13) that propels it;
an air intake (15) that adjusts the speed of the air to a subsonic speed and leads it to the axial compressor (16);
a gas generator (11) in which a mixture rich in fuel and oxidant is burned at high pressure;
a turbine (12) connected to the gas generator and connected to the high rotational speed shaft (13) that moves the axial compressor (16);
a diffuser (22) at the outlet of the turbine (12) that discharges into a gasification chamber (23) into which more fuel is injected, the compressor adapted to discharge into a transition area (17) in which the air flow is led towards two combustion chambers (18) with a rectangular cross- section separated by a central body (10);
a pipe system that leads gases from a gasification chamber (23) to an injector array (24) in the combustion chamber (18) and two converging nozzles (19) with a rectangular cross-section connected with each of the combustion chambers (18) and with two throats (26) with a rectangular cross-section resulting from two mobile elements (20) on the side opposite the central body (10), the cross-section of the throats (26) being variable;
two diverging nozzles with a rectangular cross-section connected with the throats (26), wherein the central body (10) ends in a geometry in the form of a wedge-shape (27); and
an electrical machine connected to any of the shafts of the engine, the electrical machine working as an electric motor and an electric generator.