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Gas turbine efficiency and power augmentation improvements utilizing heated compressed air
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1. A system for preheating a power augmentation system comprising:
a gas turbine engine comprising a compressor coupled to a turbine by a shaft, the compressor and the turbine in fluid communication with one or more combustors;
a heat recovery steam generator in fluid communication with the gas turbine engine and a steam turbine;
steam injection piping connecting the gas turbine engine to the heat recovery steam generator, the steam injection piping comprising a steam injection valve, a steam vent valve, a steam vent for venting steam from the steam vent valve to atmosphere, and an isolation valve;
an air vent and an air vent valve in communication with the steam injection piping; and,
an auxiliary source of compressed air comprising:
a fueled engine coupled to a multi-stage compressor, the fueled engine configured to produce exhaust heat;
a recuperator receiving compressed air from the multi-stage compressor and configured to heat the compressed air with the exhaust heat;
an air injection valve located between the recuperator and the steam injection piping; and,
an operating mode wherein the steam injection valve, the air injection valve, and the isolation valve direct a first portion of a collective flow and a second portion of the collective flow, the collective flow comprising at least a portion of each of a flow of the compressed air and a flow of steam, the first portion of the collective flow being directed into the gas turbine engine after the power augmentation system is preheated, and the second portion of the collective flow being directed through the steam vent valve;
wherein the steam turbine is arranged upstream of the steam injection valve such that the flow of steam is used to perform work in the steam turbine prior to the flow of steam mixing with the flow of compressed air.