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Gas passage
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1. A gas passage for a gas turbine engine, the gas passage comprising:
a casing, the casing comprising an exterior surface, an interior surface, and one or more apertures;
a liner, the liner consisting of a material composition, and being attached to the interior surface of the casing so as to define the gas passage; and
one or more plugs provided in the one or more apertures of the casing, the one or more plugs comprising:
a first section, the first section being inserted through an aperture of, and attached to, the casing, and configured so as to be removable from the aperture via the exterior surface of the casing, wherein the first section defining a first axial width; and
a second section attached to the first section, the second section defining a second axial width, and the second section dimensioned such that when the first section is attached to the casing, at least a first surface of the second section is in contact with environmental conditions of the liner;
wherein the second section consists of materials that match the material composition of the liner, wherein the first axial width is equal to the second axial width.