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Bearing carrier
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1. A bearing carrier for a turbocharger installed within a turbocharger housing between a turbine wheel and a compressor impeller mounted for rotation together on a turbocharger shaft, wherein the turbocharger housing includes a compressor bearing housing between the turbine wheel and the compressor impeller and having a bearing mounting flange, the bearing carrier comprising:
a carrier body mounted to the bearing mounting flange of the compressor bearing housing to support the bearing carrier in the axial direction and the radial direction;
a carrier body bore extending axially through the carrier body and receiving a journal bearing and a corresponding portion of the turbocharger shaft; and
a thrust bearing seat on the exterior of the carrier body facing the turbine wheel, wherein the thrust bearing seat has a complimentary shape to a thrust bearing surface of a thrust bearing disposed between the carrier body and the turbine wheel and engaging the thrust bearing seat.