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Snow tiller and method of adjusting the same
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1. A snow tiller comprising:
a frame comprising a front attachment configured to connect the snow tiller to a hitch device of a tracked vehicle;
a tiller module comprising:
a shaft rotatable about an axis of rotation, coupled with a plurality of tools configured to penetrate a snow cover, and articulately supported about a first axis which is parallel to the axis of rotation of the shaft and arranged in a front part of the snow tiller with respect to the shaft;
a hood arranged about the shaft, supported by the frame and configured to support the shaft, the hood comprising two side walls; and
an adjusting device configured to adjust a position of the shaft with respect to the hood, the adjusting device comprising at least two plate-shaped arms configured to support the shaft at opposite ends of the shaft, each plate-shaped arm being hinged to the hood about the first axis, each plate-shaped-shaped arm being mounted directly against an outer face of a respective side wall of the hood, and each plate-shaped arm being configured to slide along the respective side wall of the hood to a plurality of different positions; and
a finisher comprising a flexible mat configured to compact the snow cover and which is configured to define a support zone of the snow tiller on the snow cover.