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Regenerative speed bump
Abdul Aziz Afzal, Dhahran (SA); Aalim Motasim Mustafa, Dhahran (SA); Muhammad Azhar Ali Khan, Dhahran (SA); and Mohammed Al-Sabti, Dhahran (SA)
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1. A regenerative speed bump, comprising:
a flat base portion;
a sloped cover portion, wherein the fiat base portion and the sloped cover portion form a cavity enclosed in the regenerative speed bump, and the sloped cover portion is flexible and configured to deflect downward upon application of force; and
a regenerative energy mechanism that is housed in the cavity of the regenerative speed bump and comprises:
a main gear having an axis of rotation and comprising an inner ring of ratchets,
a plunger positioned along the axis of rotation and configured to rotate the main gear by motion of the plunger along the axis of rotation, and
a pawl configured to allow the inner ring of ratchets and the main gear to rotate in only one direction,
wherein the plunger is mechanically connected to the sloped cover portion such that the plunger moves down along the axis when the sloped cover portion deflects downward.