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Plush pile knitted product and knitting machine for the production thereof
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2. Knitting machine for the production of the plush pile knitted comprising a housing (26) in which a horizontal support rail (2) is installed, whereas slots (24) are formed on the support rail (2) to hold knitting needles (1), whereas on the housing (26) are fixed front plush plates (7) and rear plush plates (8) and between them are located front application needles (4) guiding front weft threads (10), rear application needles (5) guiding rear weft threads (11) to form wales (29), whereas behind the rear plush plates (8) are located application needles (6) guiding the rear plush threads (12), whereas on the housing (26), on the side of the front plush plates (7) are located first application needles (3) guiding knitting threads (9) that form wales (29) and second application needles (13) guiding front plush threads (14), whereas the application needles (4) and (5) lie in a plane perpendicular to the knitting needles (1), whereas in the lower part of the housing (29) a main drive (28) is installed, the shaft of which is connected by gears to the knitting needles (1), characterized by that on the housing (26), over the entire length of the machine, above the knitting needles (1) are installed multiple closing safety plates (23) that can move vertically; on the housing (26) are mounted push plates (22) designed to press the weft threads (10 and 11), whereas in the lower end of each of those rear plush plates (8) is installed a cutting disc (27) to cut off the rear plush threads (12) on the finished course (30), separate step motors (25) are used to feed in the knitting threads (9), the front plush threads (14), the front weft threads (10), the rear weft threads (11) and the rear plush threads (12).