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Process and device for anaerobic purification
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1. A process for the separation of biomass from treated wastewater following anaerobic purification of wastewater, the process comprising:
(i) supplying a stream of wastewater comprising organic constituents to a reactor comprising biomass having anaerobic microorganisms;
(ii) mixing the wastewater and biomass to provide biogas and reactor contents comprising treated wastewater and biomass,
(iii) supplying at least a part of the reactor contents and a gas to a first tank, wherein the gas is injected at a pressure of at least 1.5 bar(a) to the first tank to pressurize the tank contents, and wherein the gas is dissolved in the tank contents,
(iv) supplying the pressurized tank contents to a second tank, wherein the pressure in the second tank is lower than in the first tank, to provide a floating biomass layer and a treated wastewater layer,
(v) withdrawing the treated wastewater from the second tank and recycling the biomass layer from the second tank to the reactor of (i).