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System and method for automated storage, picking, and packing of items
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1. A system for automatic storage, picking, and packing of items, the system comprising:
an arrangement of shelves for supporting storage boxes for storing the items;
a movable robotic arm, the robotic arm being configured for reaching into and picking an item from a storage box on a shelf, and for grabbing and moving a storage box;
a camera mounted on the robotic arm;
a control unit comprising software for analyzing data from the camera substantially in real-time, identifying the item to be picked by the robotic arm, and packing the picked item into a packing box;
wherein the arrangement of shelves comprises a first sub arrangement of shelves with a first vertical distance between the shelves, and a second sub arrangement of shelves with a second vertical distance between the shelves, wherein the first vertical distance is chosen to be able to accommodate the storage boxes and allow the robotic arm to reach into and pick an item from said storage boxes in the first sub arrangement of shelves, and wherein the second vertical distance is chosen so that each storage box must be moved out from the second sub arrangement of shelves before the robotic arm can pick an item from the storage box.