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Bottle assembly and valve assembly
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1. A bottle assembly comprising:
a bottle comprising a closed base;
a wall extending upwards from an outer perimeter of the base;
a shoulder opposite the base extending radially inward from an inner surface of the wall;
a cylindrical neck extending upwards from an inner edge of the shoulder, the neck surrounding an opening at a top of the bottle;
a collar comprising an aperture
a teat configured to be coupled to the collar;
a first detent formation inward of the inner surface of the bottle wall and extending upward from a top surface of the shoulder at an outer periphery of the neck; and
a complimentary second detent formation extending radially inward from an inner edge of the collar and;
wherein the collar is configured to snap fit to the shoulder by engagement of the first detent formation with the complementary second detent formation by application of force in a downward direction towards the base of the bottle.