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Aerospace vehicle system and method of operation
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1. An vehicle comprising:
a structural frame comprising:
a first end;
a second end opposing the first end across a reference plane, wherein the reference plane defines a primary axis orthogonal to the reference plane, wherein the primary axis intersects the first and second ends; and
a set of arcuate members bowed outward of the primary axis between the first and second ends, wherein a first distance separates the primary axis and the first arcuate member of the set in the orthogonal reference plane;
a set of windows attached to the structural frame, each window extending between a respective pair of adjacent arcuate members of the set and comprising a respective interior window surface which intersects the orthogonal reference plane along a respective reference segment, wherein a maximum distance between each reference segment and the primary axis is larger than the first distance;
wherein the set of windows and the structural frame cooperatively define a pressure vessel interior which is fluidly isolated from an exterior environment.