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Apparatus, system and method for controlling space of vehicle
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1. An apparatus for controlling a space of a vehicle, the apparatus comprising:
a communication device configured to receive reservation information; and
a controller configured to:
determine a manner of partitioning an inner space of the vehicle based on the reservation information, and
control an operation of one or more partitions to correspond to the manner of partitioning the inner space,
wherein the reservation information includes seat information selected by an user,
wherein the one or more partitions move along a corresponding rail,
wherein the corresponding rail includes a first rail, a second rail perpendicular to the first rail, and a curved rail connected to the first rail and the second rail, and
wherein the one or more partitions are positioned on the first rail when the inner space of the vehicle is partitioned, the one or more partitions are positioned on the second rail when the inner space of the vehicle is not partitioned.