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Carrier device for securing an accessory to a vehicle
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1. A carrier device for securing an accessory to a vehicle, the carrier device comprising:
a support frame having a first end and a second end;
a first suction cup pivotally mounted on the support frame, wherein the position of the first suction cup relative to the support frame is adjustable to selectively couple the carrier device to a vehicle; the first suction cup comprising:
a suction cup housing defining a suction chamber therein;
a vacuum pump configured to selectively adjust the pressure within the suction chamber to couple the first suction cup to a vehicle;
a first pressure sensor positioned within the suction cup housing to detect suction chamber pressure information;
at least one electrical line coupled to the first pressure sensor to transmit suction chamber pressure information to a location outside of the first suction cup; and
an integrally molded housing formed around the at least one electrical line to prevent pressure loss within the suction chamber.