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Diamond art canvas
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1. A diamond art canvas, comprising:
a substrate having a front side and a back side, the substrate comprising a flexible textile, a print layer defined on a front side of the textile layer, and a backing layer defined on a back side of the textile layer;
an image printed upon the print layer, the image including a plurality of markers with unique printed indicia;
an adhesive applied to the image surface;
a plurality of unique diamond drills attachable to the substrate via the adhesive and attachable in a pattern corresponding to the unique printed indicia;
a protective film disposed atop the adhesive, the protective film configured to be releasably removed from and reengaged with the adhesive;
the backing layer comprising a composite comprising a plurality of bamboo fibers entrained in an adhesive, each of the plurality of fibers having a length, the backing layer configured so that an at-rest condition of the fibers in the backing layer are in a random order; and
the bamboo fibers having an elastic limit so that the diamond art canvas can be rolled into a 1 inch to 3 inch inner diameter tube without exceeding the elastic limit of the bamboo fibers and when the diamond art canvas is removed from the tube, the bamboo fibers urge the diamond art canvas to lay flat.