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Building boards with increased surface strength
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1. A composite building board with enhanced nail pull strength, the composite building board comprising:
first and second paper liners each having an interior face, the first paper liner having an exterior face forming an outer face of the building board;
a set plaster core positioned between and bonded with the interior face of the first paper liner and the interior face of the second paper liner, the set plaster core formed from a cementitious slurry of predominantly calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate, the set plaster core being formed with a plurality of internal voids, the internal voids functioning to decrease the overall weight of the building board; and
a spray coating of a coating polymer applied directly to the exterior face of the first paper liner, the spray coating having a tensile modulus above 500 psi and an elongation at break of greater than 500% at room temperature and improving a nail pull strength of the building board relative to an identical building board without the spray coating.