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Assembly of parts made from thermoplastic material and method for assembling such parts by means of thermoplastic riveting
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1. An assembly method for composite parts with a thermoplastic-matrix material, using thermoplastic riveting, the method comprising the following steps:
overlapping first and second parts by superposing two edge faces of regions facing one another, each part having another opposite face, which remains visible;
bringing a holed heating panel into position on each visible face in such a way that the holes are positioned facing one another;
heating the visible faces to a temperature higher than the melting point of the thermoplastic-matrix material of the parts to begin melting regions of the superposed faces;
inserting at least one holing spike through a first holed heating panel, with successive holing of the first and of the second parts, creating at least one cylindrical bore;
withdrawing the holing spike by continuously moving in the same direction of the insertion or in the opposite direction of the insertion;
replacing one of the holed heating panels with a non-holed heating panel; and
removing a second holed heating panel, thus uncovering a visible face;
wherein an assembly tie comprising a strand made of a composite material with a thermoplastic matrix is then inserted into the cylindrical bore;
wherein the strand is cut off in situ at a correct height;
wherein a second non-holed heating panel is positioned on the uncovered face, also covering the cut strand;
wherein the two non-holed heating panels then compress and heat the two edges of the parts made of thermoplastic material.