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System for window separation in an additive manufacturing process
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1. An additive manufacturing system comprising:
a tray seat;
a build window:
defining a first upper surface vertically offset from the tray seat;
substantially transparent to electromagnetic radiation within a photo-initiating wavelength range;
vertically offset from the tray seat; and
circumscribed by the tray seat;
a projection system configured to project electromagnetic radiation toward the first upper surface of the build window;
a fluid distribution port;
an interstitial gasket surrounding the build window and the fluid distribution port; and
a fluid distribution channel:
circumscribing the build window; and
intersecting the fluid distribution port;
a separation membrane:
tensioned over the build window;
configured to a seal against and cooperate with the interstitial gasket to define an interstitial region between the first upper surface of the build window and a lower surface of the separation membrane; and
configured to separate from the build window in response to injection of fluid, via the fluid distribution port and the fluid distribution channel, into the interstitial region.