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1. A process of performing a particle imaging velocimetry test using an object created via additive fabrication, the method comprising:
providing a test component created via additive fabrication;
immersing the test component in a flow field seeded with tracer particles;
illuminating at least a portion of said seeded flow field proximate to said component with light of a first wavelength;
capturing a plurality of images using an imaging system;
evaluating said images to determine flow vectors proximate to the test component;
wherein the test component is uncoated, unfoiled, and unpainted,
wherein the test component is a cured product of a radiation curable composition comprising a filler,
and wherein the test component is the cured product of a composition comprising a compound defined by the following formula:

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, and R6 each independently represents a hydrogen atom, a substituted methyl or alkyl group, or an un-substituted methyl or alkyl group; and R7 represents an un-substituted phenyl group or a substituted phenyl group.