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Method for angular indexing of a preform
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1. A process for angular indexing of a pre-form (12) which comprises a body (14) and a neck (16), the process comprising:
a step (E2) of marking the neck (16) of the pre-form (12) during which at least one reference point (87) is produced on the neck (16) of the pre-form (12);
a step (E1) of a heating station (20) taking charge of the pre-form (12), during which the pre-form (12) is transported along a heating course by a spinner (38), which makes it possible to turn the pre-form (12) around its axis (X1);
wherein the marking step (E2) is carried out during the step (E1) of taking charge, when the pre-form (12) is supported by the spinner (38), and wherein the heating course comprises at least one active section (H1, H2) along which the body (14) of the pre-form (12) is exposed directly to heating radiation, and at least one passive section (P1, P2, P3) along which the body (14) of the pre-form (12) is not exposed to heating radiation, the marking step (E2) being carried out when the pre-form (12) is situated on the passive section (P1, P2, P3).