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Method of filling cooling holes in an airfoil component
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1. A method of filling a plurality of cooling holes in an airfoil component comprising an internal area surrounded by an outer wall, the method comprising:
injecting a curable composition into a fill channel located in the outer wall such that the curable composition flows through the fill channel to the plurality of cooling holes located on a surface of the outer wall;
forming a plurality of beads of the curable composition on the surface of the component over the plurality of cooling holes such that a single bead is formed on each of the plurality of cooling holes;
directing a radiation to the respective beads in directions parallel to the respective central axes of the cooling holes associated with the respective beads to cure curable composition of the respective beads; and
heating the component to cure the curable composition located in the fill channel; wherein the heating of the component is conducted after the directing of the radiation to the beads; wherein the injecting comprises injecting the curable composition via an injector located in an injection hole in fluid communication with the fill channel; and wherein the method further comprises removing the injector from the injection hole while injecting the curable composition to form a final bead on the injection surface over the injection hole; and curing the curable composition in the final bead.