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Affordance-aware, multi-resolution, free-form object manipulation planning
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20. A computing system comprising:
one or more sensors to generate sensor data, the sensor data to include image data;
a processor coupled to the one or more sensors; and
a memory including a set of executable program instructions, which when executed by the processor, cause the computing system to:
generate a semantic labelled image based on the image data, wherein the semantic labelled image is to identify a shape of an object and a semantic label of the object;
associate a first set of actions with the object based on the semantic labelled image, wherein the first set of actions are possible physical manipulations of the object;
determine a second set of actions that are executable with one or more end effectors; and
generate a plan based on a subset of actions that comprises an intersection of the first set of actions and the second set of actions to satisfy a command from a user through actuation of the one or more end effectors, wherein the second set of actions are to be associated with the command.