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Impact rotary tool
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1. An impact rotary tool comprising:
a motor;
a hammer configured to receive rotational force around an axis from the motor and output striking rotational force obtained by converting part of the rotational force into striking force around the axis;
an anvil to which a tip tool is to be attached, the anvil being configured to rotate, together with the tip tool, around the axis in response to the striking rotational force received from the hammer;
a sensor disposed in a vicinity of the anvil and configured to sense a change in a state of the anvil, the change being according to the striking rotational force;
a circuit board configured to receive a sensing result by the sensor; and
an isolator isolating contact portions of the hammer and the anvil from at least the circuit board, wherein
the isolator includes a housing covering the contact portions and the sensor,
the circuit board is fixed to an outer surface of the housing, and
the sensor and the circuit board are connected to each other via a lead line.