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Wire saw, wire guide roll and method for simultaneously cutting a multiplicity of wafers from an ingot
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1. A method for simultaneously cutting a multiplicity of wafers from an ingot, comprising:
moving the ingot through a wire web of a structured sawing wire having a longitudinal direction and consisting of a single strand of a plain core wire having a round cross-section and a multiplicity of indentations and protrusions of the plain core wire perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the plain core wire, the outer radial extent of the indentations and protrusions defining a cross-sectional envelope of the structured sawing wire,
wherein the structured sawing wire is spanned between two co-rotating wire guide rolls having grooves, and an abrasive slurry is applied to the wire web, and
wherein the grooves of the two co-rotating wire guide rolls have groove bottoms, and wherein the bottom of each groove on which the structured sawing wire bears is curved with a radius of curvature is equal to or up to 1.5 times as large as the radius of the cross-sectional envelope the structured sawing wire which is in the respective groove.