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Receiving frame for receiving a support plate for pipette tips
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1. A receiving frame (5) for a support plate (1, 3) for pipette tips (6), which is formed by two opposing longitudinal walls (51) and two opposing transverse walls (52), which each comprise an upper side and a lower side and which laterally enclose an interior space (60),
wherein the upper sides of the longitudinal walls (51) and transverse walls (52) together form a circumferential support surface (50) on which the support plate (1, 3) for pipette tips (6) can be placed,
and wherein the receiving frame (5) comprises a footprint (58) on the lower side of the longitudinal walls (51) and the transverse walls (52),
characterized in that
the receiving frame (5) comprises, on an inner side of at least one of the two opposing longitudinal walls (51), a guide claw (55) which—for the alternative positioning of two different support plates (1, 3) on the support surface (50)—protrudes over the at least one longitudinal wall (51) and thus over the support surface (50), wherein the guide claw (55) comprises a base (68) on which two claws (66) are arranged spaced apart from each other in the direction parallel to the support surface (50) by a guide (67), wherein the guide (67) is a recess which, starting from an upper side of the two claws (66), extends substantially at a right angle relative to the support surface (50).