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Transseptal guide wire puncture system
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1. A transseptal guide wire, comprising a proximal end, a distal end and a middle segment,
a. wherein the proximal end is in continuity with the middle segment via a proximal guide wire segment;
b. wherein the proximal guide wire segment is stiff and further comprises a distal segment and a proximal segment connected by a secondary bend in achieving a more perpendicular angle at the tissue for coaxial support;
c. wherein the distal end comprises a linear transseptal needle configured to flex at a hinge point from a linear puncturing arrangement to an acute angle with respect to a distal end of the middle segment after puncturing tissue; and
d. wherein the middle segment is formed of a shape memory material and preformed to include at least two non-circular coils that form an outer protective shield in which the transseptal needle is positioned centrally within the at least two non-circular coils once the middle segment returns to a preformed configuration.