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Nicotine powder inhaler
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1. A powder inhaler comprising:
a body extending between a proximal mouthpiece end and a distal end, the proximal mouthpiece end comprising an outlet;
a swirl generator element disposed in the body and constructed to induce rotational movement in the airflow moving through the body;
an airflow channel extending along the body, the airflow channel comprising a plurality of inlet channels extending to the swirl generator and an outlet airflow channel extending parallel to a longitudinal axis of the body from the swirl generator to the outlet at the proximal mouthpiece end; and
a nicotine powder receptacle disposed along the airflow channel, the swirl generator disposed adjacent to the nicotine powder receptacle;
wherein the inhaler is constructed to deliver a dose of powder via air flow created by inhalation at the proximal mouthpiece end at an inhalation rate of less than about 5 L/min.