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Compositions and methods for treating the eye
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1. A method for treating a patient having decreased or low-level production, release, delivery, and/or excretion of hyaluronic acid from and/or in the cornea comprising the step of topically administering to the eye of the patient an ophthalmologic composition comprising:
i) a safe and effective amount of one or more extracts of Pichia anomala to achieve a Pichia anomala extract concentration in the corneal fluid in the corneal tissues of the eye of at least about 0.3 mg/ml, wherein the Pichia anomala extract is characterized as having:
a) a solids content of between 26 and 40 g/l,
b) a pH between 6.0 and 7.0,
c) a protein content between 4 and 90 g/l, and
d) a sugars content ranging between 18 and 29 g/l;
ii) a safe and effective amount of a permeation enhancer; and
iii) an ophthalmologically acceptable carrier.