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Pharmaceutical compositions of mifepristone
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1. An oral pharmaceutical composition comprising: nanosized mifepristone particles and one or more other pharmaceutically acceptable excipients; wherein the nanosized mifepristone particles comprise:
(a) a therapeutically effective amount of surface stabilized mifepristone particles;
(b) at least one suspension-aid;
(c) at least one surfactant;
(d) at least one surface stabilizer; and
(e) optionally, one or more other pharmaceutically acceptable excipients;
wherein said surface stabilized mifepristone particles have an average D90 particle size less than 1000 nm;
wherein said pharmaceutical composition is an immediate release pharmaceutical composition suitable for oral administration, and comprises 220 mg to 1200 mg of mifepristone in a single oral dose;
wherein said pharmaceutical composition provides an in-vitro mifepristone release of not less than about 70 wt % of the mifepristone, within 45 minutes of dissolution in a 900 mL pH 1.8 potassium chloride dissolution medium, measured using USP Apparatus II, at 50 RPM and 37 ° C.