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Media filtration device
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1. A media filtration apparatus having a prefabricated preparation container, comprising:
an inflow for a solvent and has an outflow for a solution,
a preparation chamber configured for a medium to be dissolved and arranged between the inflow and the outflow,
a filter that has a filtrate side facing the outflow, and
at least one mixing arm which is connected to the inflow, projects with at least one mixing nozzle arranged at a free end of the at least one mixing arm and is configured to direct a solvent jet into the medium to be dissolved in the preparation chamber, and
a cover part and a base part with an encircling support boundary,
wherein the preparation chamber is arranged between the cover part and the base part, wherein the filter is a sterile filter,
wherein the filter has, on the filtrate side, an encircling outer boundary, with which the filter bears on and is fixedly connected to the encircling support boundary of the base part, and
wherein the filtrate side of the filter and the outflow arranged in the base part form a sterilized filtrate space therebetween.