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Personal hygienic shower, system, and method of use
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1. A personal hygienic system configured to be portable and to be placed under a patient on a bed or reclined surface, the personal hygienic system comprising:
an inflatable shower extending longitudinally along an axis from an upper end to a bottom end and comprising an outer wall defining an inner space and configured to surround a patient and to receive at least one washing fluid;
the outer wall comprising at least two folds discretizing at least two wall segments arranged substantially vertically, the at least two folds and the at least two wall segments extending substantially longitudinally from the upper end to the bottom end;
the inner space defines a slope declining from the upper end toward the bottom end, a drain portion arranged proximate the bottom end and defining a recess, an aperture located in the recess and defined through a thickness of the inflatable shower, a raised bottom lip disposed at least partially between the recess and the outer wall at the bottom end, the raised bottom lip at least partially bounding the recess, and at least one drain channel arranged on a side of the drain portion and configured to collect spent washing fluid from one or more side segments and corresponding folds of the inner space;
the outer wall defines a profile between the upper and bottom ends and defining a widest point therebetween;
the inflatable shower comprises a textile-reinforced polymeric wall material defining an inner cavity sealed by a filling valve and configured to receive a filling medium comprising at least one fluid;
at least one pump configured to provide the washing fluid to the inflatable shower under a positive pressure; and
a venturi valve configured to deliver the washing fluid to the inflatable shower therethrough while simultaneously providing suction to remove the spent washing fluid from the shower therethrough.