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External catheter
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1. An external catheter, comprising:
a planar base having a central aperture therethrough;
an entire back surface of the base comprising an adhesive material applied directly to the planar base;
the adhesive material is configured to removably secure the base to a skin;
an upper end of a tubular member disposed on a front side of the planar base about the central aperture, defining a connection point therebetween;
the planar base extends beyond a perimeter of the upper end of the tubular member about an entirety thereof;
the upper end of the tubular member comprises a larger diameter than a diameter of the central aperture, defining a continuous lip of the planar base extending radially inwardly from the connection point towards the central aperture;
the tubular member is configured to store a fluid therein;
a vent disposed on a front surface of the tubular member;
a sealable drain disposed at a terminal end of the tubular member; and
a removable adhesive backing material;
wherein the sealable drain comprises a clicklock closure;
wherein the tubular member further comprises indicia configured to measure a volume of fluid contained therein; and
wherein the vent is disposed opposite the central aperture.