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Modified fixed flat wire bifurcated catheter and its application in lower extremity interventions
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1. A system comprising:
a bifurcated catheter comprising a proximal end, a distal end and a bifurcation between the proximal end and the distal end, the bifurcated catheter further comprising a side hole near the distal end of the bifurcated catheter;
a stabilization wire attached to a wall of the bifurcated catheter,
a snare access sheath; and
a snare catheter configured to be inserted through the snare access sheath, the snare catheter comprising a snare wire,
wherein the snare wire is configured to snare a distal end of the stabilization wire,
wherein the stabilization wire is configured to emerge and extend from the side hole and wherein the stabilization wire is configured to be pulled to guide and stabilize the bifurcated catheter, and
wherein the snare wire is configured to be externalized to lock the distal end of the stabilization wire at a first location and wherein the bifurcated catheter is configured to be locked at a second location to apply tension to the bifurcated catheter.