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Absorbent core having swelling chamber
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1. An absorbent article comprising a liquid permeable topsheet, a liquid impermeable backsheet, an absorbent core being disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the absorbent core comprises:
an absorbent material disposed in an absorbent deposition area and enclosed in a core wrap; and
a swelling chamber disposed in between two external zones;
the absorbent material comprises superabsorbent polymer;
one or more permanent seals separate the chamber from each of the two external zones;
the swelling chamber consists of absorbent material immobilized by water-responsive bonds, wherein said water-responsive bonds deteriorate upon exposure to water such that the absorbent material is flowable in the wet state; and
the two external zones comprise absorbent material that is immobilized by thermoplastic adhesive, such that the absorbent material is immobilized in the wet state.