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Absorbent article with tackifier-free adhesive
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1. An absorbent article having a longitudinal centerline and a lateral centerline, a front waist region with a front waist edge, a rear waist region with a rear waist edge, a crotch region disposed between the front waist region and the rear waist region, and two spaced apart longitudinal side edges joining the front waist edge to the rear waist edge, wherein the absorbent article comprises an assembly of components, and wherein the assembly of components comprises:
a) a topsheet;
b) a backsheet underlying the topsheet;
c) an absorbent core disposed between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the absorbent core comprises at least one of a core cover, a dusting layer, an acquisition layer, a distribution layer, and a storage member;
d) at least one additional component selected from the group consisting of:
i) a fastening system for joining the front waist region to the rear waist region when the absorbent article is worn;
ii) barrier cuffs lying adjacent and inboard the two spaced apart longitudinal side edges;
iii) gasketing cuffs lying between each of the two spaced apart longitudinal side edges and the barrier cuffs;
iv) front ears disposed in the front waist region;
v) back ears disposed in the rear waist region; and
vi) a receiving member; and
e) an adhesive composition joining at least two of the assembly of components together, wherein the adhesive composition comprises at least 90 wt. % of a copolymer, wherein the copolymer comprises from about 30 mole % to about 70 mole % of propene monomer units and from about 30 mole % to about 75 mole % of 1-butene monomer units;
wherein the adhesive composition is free of a heterophase copolymer;
wherein the adhesive composition has a viscosity of less than 10,000 mPa·s at 190° C., as measured by the Viscosity Test Method.