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Multiaxial receivers with tether
Jerald Redmond, Germantown, TN (US); Stan Palmatier, Ramer, TN (US); Caleb Smith, Collierville, TN (US); Larry McBride, Germantown, TN (US); Dimitri Protopsaltis, Memphis, TN (US); and Mike Sherman, Memphis, TN (US)
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1. A multiaxial receiver, comprising:
a body having a U-shaped cavity configured to receive a longitudinal rod therein and a lower cavity configured to couple to a pedicle screw, the body extending in a vertical direction along a longitudinal axis and extending horizontally along a widthwise axis;
a side portion including a first aperture on an upper surface thereof and a second aperture on a bottom surface thereof, the first and second apertures together defining a first passageway configured to permit a tether to pass therethrough in the vertical direction;
a threaded aperture extending through the upper surface and into the first passageway; and
an immobilization assembly including a set screw and a wedge, the set screw being disposed within the threaded aperture, wherein the set screw includes a conical tip configured to directly contact a conically shaped surface of the wedge;
wherein the immobilization assembly is configured to be rotated from an open position in which the tether is permitted to pass through the first passageway to a closed position in which the tether is immobilized within the first passageway, and
wherein in the closed position, the wedge is configured to pin the tether against a bearing surface of the first passageway.