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Adapter assembly with gimbal for interconnecting electromechanical surgical devices and surgical loading units, and surgical systems thereof
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1. A surgical system comprising:
an adapter assembly including:
a housing;
an outer tube extending distally from the housing along a longitudinal axis;
a distal end portion extending distally from the outer tube;
proximal and distal universal joints disposed within the distal end portion; and
a gimbal disposed around the distal universal joint, the gimbal configured to rotate and cause a corresponding directional movement of at least one of the proximal or distal universal joints to articulate the distal end portion relative to the outer tube; and
an end effector releasably connected to the distal end portion of the adapter assembly,
wherein the distal end portion of the adapter assembly includes:
a first segment that is longitudinally fixed relative to the outer tube, the proximal universal joint rotatably coupled to the first segment;
a second segment having a proximal section disposed around the proximal universal joint and rotatably secured within the first segment, and a distal section disposed around the gimbal and the distal universal joint; and
a third segment disposed over the distal section of the second segment, the distal section of the second segment rotatable therein.