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Griddle cooking station and method thereof
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1. An outdoor cooking station, comprising:
a main body extending to define a front side, a rear side, a left side and a right side each extending between a lower end and an upper portion, the main body including multiple heating elements controlled along the front side and coupled to the main body, the upper portion of the main body including a locking structure positioned therealong;
a griddle configured to be supported by the upper portion of the main body, the griddle extending to define an upper side and a underside, the upper side including a splash guard and the underside including legs extending with a length so as to extend downward from the underside of the griddle, at least one of the legs defining a neck and an abutment structure along the length of the legs, the abutment structure configured to cooperate with the locking structure so as to minimize movement of the griddle relative to the main body; and
a hood pivotably coupled to the splash guard of the griddle, the hood configured to be moveable between a closed position and an open position.