US PP32,744 P3
Blueberry plant variety named ‘DrisBlueTwenty’
Latin Name: Vaccinium corymbosum L., Varietal Denomination: DrisBlueTwenty
Brian K. Caster, Watsonville, CA (US); Jennifer K. Izzo, Watsonville, CA (US); Bruce D. Mowrey, Watsonville, CA (US); and Marta C. Baptista, Watsonville, CA (US)
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Filed on Mar. 5, 2019, as Appl. No. 16/501,199.
Prior Publication US 2020/0288612 P1, Sep. 10, 2020
Int. Cl. A01H 5/08 (2018.01); A01H 6/36 (2018.01)
CPC A01H 6/368 (2018.05)
U.S. Cl. PLT—157 1 Claim
OG exemplary drawing
1. A new and distinct variety of blueberry plant designated ‘DrisBlueTwenty’ as shown and described herein.