US D907,412 S
Retail fixture
Allison Inouye, San Francisco, CA (US); Jean-Marc Gady, Los Altos, CA (US); Ismael Flores Trujano, San Jose, CA (US); Gregory Guillaume Lespinard, San Jose, CA (US); Mi Zou, San Francisco, CA (US); Po Huang, San Jose, CA (US); Wesley Bryan Hamm, San Francisco, CA (US); Russell John Kaaihue Heirakuji, Cupertino, CA (US); Joshua Robert Edwards, Santa Cruz, CA (US); Nicholas E. Corti, San Francisco, CA (US); Manuel Dejesus, San Francisco, CA (US); and Alice Marlin Brugger, San Francisco, CA (US)
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OG exemplary drawing
The ornamental design for a retail fixture, as shown and described.