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Climate control system
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1. A climate control system for electronic equipment, comprising:
an electronic equipment room including a plurality of peripheral walls defining a chamber configured to receive a plurality of pieces of electronic equipment and having one or more interior partitions dividing the chamber into two or more subchambers; and
a cooling system configured to provide the two or more subchambers with different levels of cooling;
wherein at least one partition of the one or more interior partitions is movable from a first position defining a first subchamber to a second position defining a second subchamber in a different area of the room than the first subchamber;
wherein the first subchamber is cooled by a first heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit and the second subchamber is cooled by second HVAC unit; and
wherein the system is configured to use the first HVAC unit to provide backup cooling to the area that is enclosable to form the second subchamber and to use the second HVAC unit to provide backup cooling to the area that is enclosable to form the first subchamber.