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Group-performance control method using light-emitting devices
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1. A method for controlling a plurality of light-emitting devices, the method comprising:
inputting group information into a respective light-emitting device, the group information to be inputted corresponds to information on a seat in a venue, on which the respective light emitting device to be positioned; and
selectively controlling illuminating or extinguishing of groups of light-emitting devices, in accordance with the group information, to present an image over the plurality of light-emitting devices positioned on seats in the venue of an event during a particular period of a group-performance presentation,
wherein one or more light-emitting devices are designated as the same group based on the group information that is pre-configured and includes information configured to be used for performing group controlling of the plurality of light-emitting devices, and the one or more light-emitting devices of the same group emit the same color during the particular period of the group-performance presentation.