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Millimeter wave heating of soot preform
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1. A process for heating a preform comprising:
exposing a preform to electromagnetic radiation having a wavelength in the range from 0.6 mm-3.0 mm, the preform comprising silica soot, the silica soot absorbing the electromagnetic radiation, the absorbed electromagnetic radiation heating the silica soot to a temperature in the range from 1075° C.-1325° C.;
wherein the preform has an elongate shape, the elongate shape having a central longitudinal axis, the elongate shape including a first end and a second end, the silica soot extending from the first end to the second end; and
wherein the exposing includes directing the electromagnetic radiation to the silica soot at the first end, the electromagnetic radiation entering the silica soot at the first end and propagating within the silica soot from the first end to the second end, the electromagnetic radiation propagating along a path circumscribing the central longitudinal axis.