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Bearer control for secondary radio access technology in dual connectivity networks
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1. A method, comprising:
receiving, at a core network from a user equipment (UE) device, a request for access to network resources, wherein the core network is coupled to a primary radio access technology (RAT) and a secondary RAT;
determining, at the core network, an access point name (APN) RAT access restriction in response to the received request, wherein the APN RAT access restriction is used to configure communications with an APN in the core network specifying how radio bearers are assigned to a corresponding RAT, wherein the corresponding RAT comprises at least one of the primary RAT or the secondary RAT;
assigning, at the core network, a radio bearer based on the determined APN RAT access restriction, wherein the assigned radio bearer exchanges data via the corresponding RAT; and
identifying, to a master node, the assigned radio bearer for exchanging data between the UE device and a device specified by the APN via the corresponding RAT.