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Method and apparatus for supporting local IP access in a femto cell of a wireless communication system
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1. A method for supporting local internet protocol access (LIPA) at a home enhanced node base station (HeNB) collocated with a local gateway (LGW) in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
receiving, from a terminal, a first request message; transmitting, to a mobility management entity (MME), a first control message including an address of the LGW via an S 1-MME interface for the terminal, wherein the address of the LGW is used to select a packet data network gateway (PDN GW) by the MME;
receiving, from the MME, a second control message in response to the first control message, the second control message including an identification (ID) set equal to a tunnel endpoint identifier (TEID) of the selected PDN GW, wherein the tunnel endpoint identifier (TEID) is for an S5 tunnel of a general packet radio service (GPRS) tunnel protocol (GTP) interface;
establishing a direct path between the HeNB and the LGW based on the ID set equal to the TEID of the selected PDN GW; and
forwarding an uplink data packet received from the terminal to the LGW via the direct path,
wherein a request message transmitted from the MME to a serving gateway (SGW) comprises the address of the LGW.