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Configuration of a first message for a two-step random access channel procedure
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1. A method of wireless communication by a user equipment (UE), the method comprising:
receiving configuration information from a base station, the configuration information indicating at least two different random access channel (RACH) request configuration parameters, wherein each of the RACH request configuration parameters is associated with a respective radio resource control (RRC) state;
generating a first message associated with a two-step RACH procedure including a preamble and a payload, the payload including data on an uplink data channel and at least one reference signal; and
transmitting the first message to the base station using at least one of the at least two different RACH request configuration parameters that corresponds to an RRC state of the UE, the preamble being transmitted on a first set of resources associated with a RACH occasion and the payload being transmitted on a second set of resources.