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Enhanced management of ACs in multi-user EDCA transmission mode in wireless networks
Stéphane Baron, Le Rheu (FR); Patrice Nezou, Liffre (FR); and Pascal Viger, Janze (FR)
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1. A communication method in a communication network comprising a plurality of nodes, at least one node comprising a plurality of traffic queues for serving data traffic at different priorities; each traffic queue being associated with a respective queue backoff engine for computing, from contention parameters, a respective queue backoff value to be used to contend for access to a communication channel in order to transmit data stored in the respective traffic queue in an enhanced distributed channel access (EDCA) transmission opportunity (TXOP);
the method comprising, at the node:
using a plurality of timers, each one associated with one of the traffic queues, each timer counting down a predetermined duration during which the contention parameters remain set to multi-user EDCA (MU-EDCA) parameters for the corresponding traffic queue before being set back to EDCA parameters different from the MU-EDCA parameters.