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Methods for adapting UE measurement period to conditions
Christopher Callender, Kinross (GB); and Iana Siomina, Täby (SE)
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1. A method performed by a user equipment (UE), comprising:
selecting an adaptive measurement period to use for one or more measurements, based at least in part on an assessment of one or more conditions, wherein the selected adaptive measurement period is associated with at least one condition, wherein the selecting the adaptive measurement period further comprises determining that the necessary signals are not present at a predetermined time and extending the measurement period accordingly;
maintaining concurrently a first sampling and filtering and a second filtering, where the first sampling and filtering correspond to a selected measurement period and second filtering corresponds to measurement period that is different than the selected measurement period; and
using the selected measurement period for performing one or more measurements;
performing sampling and filtering based on the first sampling and filtering concurrently with performing filtering based on the second filtering and creating a measurement report based on the first sampling and filtering, and
reporting the measurement report to a higher layer, a network node or a second UE.