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Situational awareness systems and methods
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1. A method for providing decision support comprising:
at a server computer, associating a context role identifier with a user;
receiving at an endpoint device a predetermined set of tasks assigned to said user;
transmitting to said server computer, at a predetermined frequency, a current geographic location of said endpoint device while said user performs said assigned set of tasks;
receiving at said server computer an indication of an event associated with an event context and a geographic location of said event; and
if said endpoint device is determined to be within a notification threshold distance of said event based on a comparison of said received current geographic location of said endpoint device to said geographic location of said event, transmitting a notification message to said endpoint device, the content of said message being determined based upon said context role identifier and said event context;
wherein said event indication and a geographic location of said event is received via a sensor communicably coupled to said server computer and said sensor is selected from the group consisting of an optical, light, imaging, or photon sensor; a motion or movement sensor; an electromagnetic sensor; an acoustic sensor; an automotive sensor; a chemical sensor; an electrical sensor; a magnetic sensor; a fluid sensor; a radiation sensor; a navigation instrument; an orientation or direction sensor; a pressure sensor; a thermal, heat, or temperature sensor; a force, density, or level sensor; a proximity or distance sensor; and an Internet-of-things device or sensor.