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Apparatus and method for treating a neurological disorder of the auditory system
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1. An apparatus for use in treating a neurological disorder of the auditory system, comprising a stimulus generation unit and a somatosensory stimulation unit; the stimulus generation unit operable to receive an audio signal and analyse the audio signal, said audio signal comprising a first component comprising a broadband or white noise component and a second component comprising a plurality of complex tone bursts, and generate a plurality of actuation signals representative of at least one of the first or second component of said audio signal and further to spectrally modify said audio signal to generate a binaural modified audio signal for delivery to a subject; and wherein said somatosensory stimulation unit comprises:
an array of stimulators each of which can be independently actuated to apply a somatosensory stimulation to the subject with the modified audio signal, and an input for receiving the plurality of actuation signals from said stimulus generation unit and directing individual actuation signals in a predetermined pattern to individual stimulators in the array,
the stimulus generation unit being further configured to introduce a delay between the plurality of actuation signals representative of said audio signal and the binaural modified audio signal wherein the delay is a fixed delay in a range −50 ms to +50 ms or wherein the delay is a random delay between the modified audio signal and the plurality of actuation signals, said random delay having a rectangular probability density function with limits up to +/−50 ms, or having a Gaussian probability density function with standard deviation up to 20 ms.